Holmeskirk is a fictional location on the edge of a small town somewhere in Britain.

holmeskirk station

Holmeskirk yard




 The location and time period of the setting are deliberately vague as the intention is for us to be able to run any members’ stock on the layout without it looking glaringly out of place to most observers.


So you will see anything from steam to modern day diesels depending on the fleets of the operators, although I’d hope that operating sessions would avoid having impossible combinations running together.


Baseboard construction is 9mm ply boards supported by 4 inch deep girders made up from 9mm ply outer faces, 2x2 softwood spacers and 6mm ply inner faces. Two of the boards have the front girder cut down to 2.5 inches deep to allow a grassy embankment falling away from track level

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blueprints of Rye Tuppham