Craig Lang

Craiglang is an end to end layout, fictitiously placed on the south side of Glasgow on a secondary route to Ayrshire, somewhere between Shields Junction and Paisley.

This position and route give an opportunity to run a variety of types of traction and stock. You could be watching a class 126 DMU arriving on a service to Ayr passing a class 20 on fuel tanks from Prestwick Airport or a nuclear flask from Hunterston.

Close up on Craig Lang
Car in Craig Lang

The basic track plan consists of a two platform island station with platform 1 towards the rear of the layout (for west bound services) and platform 2 for Glasgow bound services. Right at the front is the passing freight loop where you may see a freight being looped to allow a passenger service to pass.

To the Glasgow end of the loop is a single siding feeding a coal yard and at the west end are two sidings where engineers trains can layover between shifts.

Craiglang” takes its name from the TV series “Still Game” and who knows if you look closely you may even see Jack and Victor heading to Navid’s for their “messages” or the Clansman for a couple of Pints. They have even left their mark on the bridge as well! Craiglang was first exhibited at the Kilmarnock MRC Exhibition 2009 as a “work in progress” Since then much has been done to enhance the scenery and “feel” of the layout.           To see more and larger images of this layout go to our Gallery page.

View of tracks in Craig Lang