Malcolms Dale

This layout has given some of our less experienced modellers a chance to design and build a layout for themselves.The layout was essentially completed in a few months and operations began with a debut at our own 2014 exhibition in October

The layout is 8ft x 4ft and is a sandwich frame construction of 6mm ply with a 9mm ply topping. It consists of a double oval circuit with a long end to end front section for the children to control themselves by scalextric contollers

 Once the track bed had been formed the track was ballasted in the usual way using fine granite with PVA glue.

A Mount Fuji style hill with snow on top  dwarfs the village whereThomas and his friends can be seen busy at their work.

The control system allows for volunteer drivers to drive a train using Scalextric controllers sited at the viewing side of the board. This has proved to be a great hit with younger visitors to our annual Exhibition.

There are times when more dads can be seen operating this layout " on behalf of their children " than there are controllers. Perhaps all this fun may lead to some new recruits.

Apart from the more familiar blue and white locomotive with brown coaches, green loco and tram loco and naughty trucks there are other occasionally more prototypical visitors.  I.E. Anything goes!

 More and larger images of this layout will appear in our Gallery pagesoon.